The most famous catcafe in Beppu

Please come to us cat cafes When you come to tourism in Beppu.

Our shop is a small child even without admission restriction. Is a 3-minute walk from Beppu Station

Feel at home, Tan'ashi Munchkin, Scottish, is a premium cat cafe that you can relax and play and can huggy such as eight 18 animals of purebred kitten properly touching Somali.

Since the owner has a cat breeder offers a large selection of the cat of attention.

YouTube in one by one video streaming on the official channel "cat cafe cat channel"


Cat cafe is open every day since June.
"Cat cafe NEKO" is the only cat cafe in Beppu.Moreover, it is a comprehensive healing space, which has fortune telling and massage menu!!

Click on the photos below Posts by Insta grams of state or out of the cats in the store↓



If you want to know the attendance status of the cat staff and congestion situation, please access the Facebook.
https://www.facebook.com/catcafe.neko/ ←Copy and paste

At 11:00 and 17:00, we hold on festival meal times of the cat.
(If you want to feed the cat rice, feel free to ask)

The shop owner is a cat breeder. (And also be knowledge about animals)

He graduated from Academy specialized animals and plants in Japan (Shibuya) natural environment department (same with Sakana-kun).

Owner is also cat breeder, so it is available to give kittens (They are two male kittens which are Aki’s children, American Short Hair)

We will attendance from next week nya☆ (around July 20).

Natsu gave birth to kitten. (one)

The other cat species is also possible purchase☆

Please feel free to consult anything about cat. (And find your favorite cat)

Contact→ koji012789125@yahoo.co.jp

Shop is feeling very relax


We will continue to improve to get used to the shop where everyone is relaxed.
Relaxing space cat café.
BGM has introduced the Ghibli☆

Cat cafe Rates

Advance payment system, free drink system

Foreign tourists(Please show me your passport)

30 minutes 900 yen extended 30 minutes for each 500 yen

Foreign students (Please show your student ID)

60 minutes 900 yen extended 30 minutes for each 450 yen

The general public

60 minutes 1400 yen

120 minutes 2200 yen

180 minutes 2900 yen

extended 30 minutes for each 500 yen

Day festival only +100 yen to the above

Cat cafe "cat" is a good location from Beppu Station West is a 2-minute walk

874-0524 Beppu, Oita Prefecture Tanoyu 9-27-2F TEL.0977-25-1136

Hours 10:30 (weekdays only 11 o'clock) to 19 pm (final acceptance 18:30) a day, seven days a week

Parking is Thank 2 cars in front of the shop.

Please feel free to come please